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    8/17/2011, 5:54 pm
    Message by Servin' Up Smiles - bender
    I LOVE BENDER!!! "Yeeahhh well, I'll go build my own theme park! With blackjack! And hookers!" lol Wink

    Hey! Flipping is not as easy as it sounds!
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    8/2/2011, 11:27 pm
    Message by SOF - go to xat...
    ...and read my post right now!

    My Awards:
    - SBC Lottery Award - For winning the second round of the May/June 2011 Lottery.
    I'm A Good Noodle Award - For being a Good Noodle.
    Guessing Right, It's Me!: For guessing the next poster correctly in "Guess the Next Poster".
    - I Have A Facebook - For having a facebook account.
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    5/27/2011, 8:42 pm
    Message by Spongebobs1fan
    Hey tvguy whats up? Silly Face!

    Hey guys! Please check out the OFFICIAL page of SBC!
    Spongebobs1fan- Jan. 22 2008- Present So far 116 subscribers & 374 friends!
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    5/26/2011, 7:44 pm
    Message by SpongeSebastian
    Hey tvguy! Glad you're still admin!

    As moderator, I act very rarely, but I think times.
    <---Courtesy of Jelly

    Check out the new SBC Wiki:
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    12/31/2010, 2:10 pm
    Message by Wumbology - If carrots are less loved...
    then there must be a reason.

    As an administrator, I hop on bandwagons like these.
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    6/19/2010, 11:54 pm
    Message by that70sguy92
    Oh my god. D: It's a tvguy!

    Brittany: Well, family is a place where everybody loves you no matter what. And they accept you for who you are. I know I'm going to be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding. And I'm going to be anxiously waiting just like everybody else to see if their babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again, I'm going to be there for his first steps. I love them, I love everyone in glee club and I get to spend another year with the people I love. So, I'm good.
    Santana: What about you and I?
    Brittany: I love you Santana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is that because of that, I think anything's possible.
    Santana: When did you get so smart?
  7. 3/19/2010, 11:02 pm
    Message by Raya16 - Hi 0_0
    Helllo! Im Bored. SOO Happy

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