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SpongBlade: GF

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SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/11/2010, 5:24 am

When a human, Gingka Hagane, visits bikini Bottom, he drops devices. Bey's. When they are dropped, they leak into a mine. When a big explosion happens, these devises are enfused with differant Gemstones, and are scattered all over. When our friends in Bikini Bottom find these, more are made. As a joyful new hobbie, nobody thinks anything of it... Until some unneeded people get their hands on these. When a surprising event happens, everything changes for our Bikini Bottomites. Stay tuned, tomorrow!

Full title: SpongeBlade:Gem Force

Is based off of BeyBlade: Metal Fusion.

Last edited by ExKizuna on 7/25/2010, 3:12 pm; edited 1 time in total


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by that70sguy92 on 7/13/2010, 2:14 pm

Stay tuned: yesterday. Silly Face!

Brittany: Well, family is a place where everybody loves you no matter what. And they accept you for who you are. I know I'm going to be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding. And I'm going to be anxiously waiting just like everybody else to see if their babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again, I'm going to be there for his first steps. I love them, I love everyone in glee club and I get to spend another year with the people I love. So, I'm good.
Santana: What about you and I?
Brittany: I love you Santana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is that because of that, I think anything's possible.
Santana: When did you get so smart?

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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/13/2010, 2:41 pm

that70sguy92 wrote:Stay tuned: yesterday. Silly Face!

I edited this yesterday =P. So that means, today is the tomorrow that was on 2 days ago's post...

ZOMG plot twist.


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/19/2010, 6:17 pm

Almost forgot aobut it:
Episode 1: The begining of the middle, which will be the end.

Spongebob(Narrating): It's been 2 month ever since the gem-top incident. Heck, even with this popularity, they are working on a tournament! That will be fun... But i've noticed something. While people have fun... Some people are using these for bad! Since last month, we've found out there are hidden beasts inside these Beyblades! And these bad people ar using them to terrorize and hurt people, along with their blades. I would go into more detail, buuut... Im late for a battle!

*With that, Spongebob ran to JellyFish Fields. He looked through a bunch of rocks until he saw the one he was looking for. A faintly striped rock. He picked it up, and pulled the lever under it. Then, that square fell through, like an elevator!

Spongebob stepped off, and the platform went back up. Spongebob walked in to a metal room. There was an "enter" sign above a wooden door. Spongebob walked through, too see an in-door Colosseum, people watching! Spongebob saw Patrick standing a little bit away from the bleacher-esque seats. Spongebob walked in, and flashed a sly, goofy smile to patrick. They both pulled out what looked like a hair-dryer. Only, more gun like, and painted light pink/hot pink(pat and SB's colors of their's)/anyother colors with bubbles on it.*

Spongebob: You ready, Pat?

Patrick: More ready then i'll ever be, buddy!

Spongebob: Then... Rip!,

*They pulled out black...well, "rippers". They inserted them into a socket.*

Patrick: Shoot!,

*They pulled it through, with slightly over dramatic motions.*

Spongebob & Patrick: SPIN!

*2 tops flew out. Spongebob's was light blue and light pink, looking like Storm Pegasus in design. Patrick's was more bulky, more of a cube, actually, with rigged edges, but normal bottom. His was hot pink and green.*

Spongebob: Pearl Savior, win this!

Patrick: beat him down, Quart-zay Smasher!

*Spongebob's top soard around the arena, more-or-less dodging Patrick's...Or atleast, trying to. Patrick, with every chance he got, smashed into Spongebob's, sending him off course a little. After this went off for a little bit, built-in screens on both Patrick's and Spongebob's blasters popped out, indicating that they can activate their "Beast Striker Move". This will release the-...Well, just continue reading.*

Spongebob: Activate! Pear Light Striker!

*Spongebob pressed a bunch of buttons, and his top shone bright. A second later, a figure appeared, made out of pure energy. It much ressemble Level Warrior, from YuGioh(1) , except it was light pink, and had more kngiht-esque armor, and a sword & shield.*

Patrick: Oh no! Activate! Quartz Defending crash!

*Patrick press the same buttons as Spongebob, and soon, his bey also shone! A dark green, actually. A secpnd later, another thing appeared. had the same structure of the stinky fat dude from "Karate Island", except it was dark yellow, and had spikey rock armor. Every move the Bey's did, the figures would do the same. But, after a couple minutes, the figures shone again, and both used their special move! PearlSavior flew at Quart-Zay, and stabbed through his armor! Even thought it was damaged, Quart tried to smash into Pearl, but Pear stabbed, and slashed, again, and Quart-Zay returned, and stopped spinning.*

Spongebob: THAT was intense.

Patrick: You said it!

*With that, Spongebob and Pat walked out. A bit later, we cut to a Bey shop in bikini bottom. A girl fish is sitting there, drinking a smoothie, talking to someone in a large suit.*

Girl fish: It seems we now know the special forms of Mister Squarepants and Mister Star's bey's.

Suit-man: Yessss...kekeke...But-uh, you see-eh, you did not understand why-yy you were on lookout there-er-

Girl: First, I have a problem with the way you're talking. Still getting used to that larger form, I see?

Suit:Yesssss... Anywayy, now-ow I cann copeh their-ir formmms, withh dark-uh formms.

Girl:Nice. So, we ready?

Suit: Yesss. Kekeke! But-uh firsst.

*The fish in treanchcoat walked to the owner.*

Fish in suit/treachcoat: One-un fusion-on blaaade. poiiison, actuaaly. Ohhh, and a wood one

Owner: Uh...sure...

*The owner dug out two "fusion blades", 1 light brown and 1 purple. He handed them to the fish in suit, who he finally realized was hunched over, and the fish in suit handed the owner the currency needed. The fish in suit/treanchcoat let out another "kekeke", and looked toward the screen, and it showed the silouhette of only one eye.*


Anyway, there. SOO Happy Any predictions? Ya like it? Then review it! SOO Happy


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/19/2010, 11:32 pm

Since I got Epi 1 up late, I thought it'd be good if I just posted 2 now ^.^

Episode 2(part 1): Walking with the Enemy.

*The day after Spongebob's battle with Patrick, Spongebob was working on PearlSavior. Right now he was Light PearlSavior. He was thinking maybe he can try another combination... Even though Light worked. He didn't find any parts he liked that he owned.*

Spongebob: Dang it! Nothing would work. Especially with my jacked up supply, anyway. I think I should head down to the local part shop...

*With that, Spongebob walked to the nearest parts shop, "Diving Diversity: Bey Part Shop". After 10 minutes of walking, and realizing he lived THIS close to the parts shop, he finally walked in. He saw battlers facing eachother on the mini tables, not nearly enough powers to activate their BitBeasts anyway. He was watching a battle that caught his attention. A girl fish, with short, bright purple hair (Hey, Puff has hair. So DID Squidward.) facing a kid, looking only slightly younger then her.

She was using a slim Bey top, withparts just sticking out at you, with the kid using a small, more ball shaped bey. He looked at a side screen on the table. It showed that the girls bey was the stone of Amethyst, her bey/BitBeast being "AmeShredder", but the name of the kid's bey not shown. After one more minute, the girl's bey was spinning abnormally fast for it in the middle of a battle, and knocked the kids bey right off of the table! Spongebob then walked away, to where the parts were. There were very cheap/clearence parts in bin's, with more rare parts in packages*

Spongebob (Looking through the bin): Dang, nothing note-worthy yet-Wait...

*Spongebob picked up a Metal "Un-Categorical" piece*

Sponge: Wow, only for 2 dollars. This would be a nice gift for Patrick. But, anyway, I think I should go look at the packaged items...

*Spongebob walked to the walls, seeing all these cool and flashy parts. Being mesmerised by these parts, however, he accidently bumped into a fish, and they both had their parts fly out of their hands. Afters Spongebob picked his single part up, he helped the fish up, and picked up some of the parts for him.*

Spongebob: Oh, im so sorry about that! I was-

Fish: Just getting sucked in by all the awesome parts? Yeah. It's fine, really. Hehe. So, i'm guessing you're new to BeyBattling?

Sponge: Yeah, just started less then a month ago.

Fish: Don't worry, it's fine. They haven't been here this long, anyway.

Sponge: True... Hey, my name's SpongeBob.

Fish: Ha, cool. I kinda thought the Sponge part. My names Aaron.

Sponge: Cool, what gem is your Bey of?

Aaron: Aquamarine. You?

Sponge: Pearl, actually.

Aaron: Nice. Anyway, I think i'll leave you alone for now. Gotta go, anyway. Hope I can see you around again, SpongeBob.

*With that, Aaron walked away. SpongeBob looked at some of the blades. But... He was in awe. He didn't think he'd find anything like this. While it didn't exactly match the color scheme, he piucked it up, and asked the person working there.*

SpongeBob: Hey, mister, what is this?

Fish: That? Thats a morphing blade. They can change the species of your bey. Well, it's real form, anyway. It's our last one. If you want to be lucky, 45 bucks.

SpongeBob: 45? Dammit. The last of my "One week only" raise on pay from KK. Plus the two bucks for Pat...

*SpongeBob shrugged it off, and handed the fine sir his money. Spongey headed home. After a couple of minutes fiddling around with his new part (When he got home =P), he really wanted to try out these new modifications. He made it into Ice PearlSavior, instead of the previous Light PearlSavior. And he added his Morph blade. He thought he would take his Bey with him as he brough over Patrick's part. First, he decided to call Patrick.*

SpongeBob (on the phone): Ringing...Ringing...Rin-Oh hey, Patrick?

Patrick: Yeah?

SpongeBob: Oh, I have a surprise for ya. I visited the bey shop, and bought ya something.

Patrick: Really? Sweet! Come meet me at JellyFish fields!

SpongeBob: Why not at your house?

Patrick: Because...well...um...uh... I... want to battle you after I modify my bey?

SpongeBob: Oh. Okay!

*With that, SpongeBob left. After walking for a bit, he ended up at Jelly fish fields, no JellyFish in sight. He walked in a little, and Patrick stood there, but walked away, a gloomy expression adorned on his face. Then, the man in a Trenchcoat we saw before walked in.*

Fish in coat: He-helloo Spongey-ey. I thin-ink uuusing your-or frieend asss-as a decoyyy wor-worked goooood. Ti-time to baaaattle, wouldn't ya sayyy sooo, Spongey?

Spongey: YOu scare me... Anyway... Rip!

Fish: Sh-shooo-oot.


End of Part 1

Im tired. Finish tomorrow


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/25/2010, 1:29 am

Episode 3(pt. 2): The oddysey... Is very Odd.

Leaving off...

Spongebob: Rip

Trench Fish: Sssshoot.


*The two bey's shot out... Or should I say, three? A light blue and grey bey, with two long blades on it's Fusion Blade, representing wings, soared through and knocked SpongeBob's bey into his hand. He turned around... And there, was Aaron.*

SpongeBob: A-Aaron!?

Aaron: Hey spongey. I tracked the call. I might've even stalekd you. But, because I know who he is. I'll battle him.

SpongeBob: But...But...

Aaron: No buts. Just send me your contact info through your blaster, so if I need you.

SpongeBob: *sighs* Fine.

*SpongeBob sent through his BCC with his blaster, so if Aaron needed help, he can contact SpongeBob. With that, SpongeBob left, on a hunt for Patrick. He ran to the rock, and did and epic jump-spin-kick to get to the coloseum.

He ran, speeding through the doors, and looked around the bleacher-esque spots... When he spotted the certain pink starfish he needed. He ran up the stair-things, and Patrick started running away. He ran to two big guys, paid them 20$ each, and ran out the back door. SpongeBob tried to ran side from the big guys, but one of them picked up SB, and threw him in the middle of the Coloseum! They jumped down, side by side.*

SpongeBob: Owww! Eh... If I... Battle. Y-you's, will you let-t me go?

Man #1: No. If you WIN.

Man #2: Yeah!

SpongeBob: Fine.

*They took their positions, and just shot. The two men's bey's were EXACTLY alike.*

SpongeBob: What stone?

Man #2: Diamond.

Man #1: Yes.

SpongeBob: Oh...

*They kept slamming into eachother. Sponge's PearlSavior was winning, epicly. But, the two men just looked at eachother, evil smiles.*

Meanwhile, wit Patrick

*Patrick was running... But ran into the wrong fish. She was the same that SpongeBob saw in the shop, purple hair, Blue skin, and a skin-tight suit.*

Fish: You!

Patrick: What do you want Var-...Vir...Virgin?

Virginia: Its VIrginia! Virginia Dare! ANd I will show you the consequences, for going against Kapplantais!

Patrick: I don't know what you mean...Is that Trenchy?... But bring it, gothy!

Virginia: It is! But, Rip!

Patrick: Shoot!

Both: Spin!

*The two beys shot out. Patricks was seeming to win... But not for long...*

20 minutes later, with Aaron

*Aaron couldn't believe it. Kapplantais' screen already flipped out. He pressed in the buttons... Yes. Swirling dark mist spun, and after a flash, the beast appeared. A big, standing on two legs turtle, it's head horizantel, giant, tree trunk wings, and plants and thorns coming out everywhere.*

Kapplantais: FEAR JAGRANGEA!

*There was an explosion! Then... Then, it seemed as if JaGrangea had materialized! There was purple lightning, and Aaron's bey was pulled toward JaGrangea, and he was smacked away, and the lightning shocked Aaron a littl bit.*

With all three...

*It seems SpongeBob, Patrick, and Aaron's opponents all had their beasts, and they all materialized and shocked the good guys(SB, Pat, and Aaron). The episode ends, with a triple-screen of Sponge, pat, and Aaron's mad faces, and then of the beasts: Two old men with diamonds sticking out, and a ghostly robe on the left, a purple and black robot with spinning blades in the middle, and the right had JaGrangea.*

The end.


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/26/2010, 2:14 am

Episode 4: The Ending is critical.

Aaron's battle.
Aaron was utterly losing. Whenever JaGrangea would hit Aaron's beyblade, the realism of JaGrangea would make the hit worse. Aaron thought he was finished... Until, in this miraculous moment, Aaron's bey rose in the sky, started spinning rapidly, and a tornado started! It was only around it, and it went as fast as possible! It curled, and the top speeded at JaGrangea, and smashed in its stomach. He fell over, and the bey started spazzing out! It didn't stop, but still.

When JaGrangea's beast form risen again, there was a dust storm... And when it cleared, an armored, mystic-looking eagle. The armor was blue and grey, and jewels were embedded in the armor on the wings came out. It blasted out and flew into JaGrangea again!*

Aaron: Im kicking your ass, beeyotch!


*He flipped his head up, and pointed his blaster at JaGrangea. Wierdly, he put back in the ripper, and pulled it out. He smiled evily as a bey piece, a blade with thorn vines sticking upward, shot out and attached to JaGranga. His shell exploded, and... A hand made of vines and thorns was there! It flew out and grasped Aaron's beast! It cried in terror*

Aaron: WingenQua!

Kapplantais: Keke...HeheheheHUAHAHAHA!!!

*JaGrangea squeezed WingenQua. It tried to escape... But, it just couldn't break through. JaGrangeas hand finally pierced and crushed WingenQua's real form, and it went back in the bey.

After that, WingenQua's bey exploded apart, and the parts flew into Aaron's stomach!*

Kapplantais: Iiii aam sssssorry A-A-Aaronnn, buuuut... DIEEEEEEEEE!

*Kapplantais screamed as JaGrangea, beast and bey form, flew at Aaron. He squeezed his eyes shut, and was slammed into the ground. He may have even hurt something!*

Kapplantais: Iiiiii was-uzzzz gettttting booored of-uv youuuu!

*He flung Aaron's blaster at...Well, Aaron, and stalked away. Aaron tried to move his hurt arm to grab his blaster. Hit hurt, but worked. He entered in SpongeBob's info.*
With SpongeBob
*SpongeBob was losing. Two beasts against one raw bey wasn't working for SpongeBob. His screen flipped up, and he thought it was his special move... But it was Aaron, calling.*

SpongeBob: What is it, Aaron?

Aaron*Over phone*: Sponge...Bob... Get to... Fields...

*SpongeBob couldn't hear anything else.*

SpongeBob: Oh No... I have to go! Come back, PearlSavior!

*He called his bey back, and ran out the door.*
Hour later, at Spongebob's house.

*Aaron just woke up, from being unconcious.*

Aaron: Spongey... How... DId you get to me so fast?

SpongeBob: Aaron, I was right below you! You think it would take more then a minute!

Aaron: T-True.

SpongeBob: So, what ha- Oh, hold on.

*Spongebob heard knocking on his door. He went to answer it. It was Patrick, and he was limping.*

Patrick: Buddy...

SpongeBob: Patrick!

Patrick: SpongeBob... The same thing happened to me, that happened with Aaron...

SpongeBob: But, what would that be, anyway?

Patrick: *Sigh* I didn't think you would be more clueless then me. Im a pink star, for petes sakes!

SpongeBob: A pink Star who better get his five-corner ass in my house!

*Patrick, shocked at SpongeBob swearing, walked in SpongeBob's house.*

The end of the three parter!


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/28/2010, 8:47 pm

Episode 5 - The Rise of Team SpongeBlade!

*The bright moon shone over the see. In the see, however, something was going on. In the sky, two birds clashed. One was an armored phoenix, soaring through as it lit the sky. The other bird was an all-too-familiar one. It was also armored, and had 6 wings-4 big wings, and two small wings a little above it's tail feathers. The armor of the 6-winged majestic bird was gray and a dark-ish blue, while there were light blue gems embedded in the wing armor.

On the ground, however, two spinning tops, made out of gems and metal, slammed into each other, making clanging sounds as the birds clashed.*

Unknown Fish: Give it up. My bey is so much stronger then your little birdy!

*The phoenix flew over the opponents head, to catch the known bird from behind. When the phoenix's light shone... The other fish, was Aaron, wearing a cast on his left fin!*

Aaron: WingenQua is nothing to push around. It almost took down the legendary JaGrangea!

Unknown Fish: W-Wait... JaGrangea!? YOUR bey!? HA!

Aaron: What?

Unknown Fish: Your puny tweety bird could never take down my master's bey-I MEAN!....Uh...-

Aaron: Wait,... MASTER!?

*The phoenix's armor broke off, to reveal the bird was made out of fire, and only fire. It flew right through WingenQua! WingenQua shrieked, and went back in its bey.*

Unknown Fish: I've said too much! Come back, Rubethys!

*The unknown fish's beast retreated into the bey, and the bey stopped. The fish ran over, picked it up, and got ready to run... When, a motorcycle came out of basically nowhere, assumably with a built in auto pilot feature*

Unknown Fish: Well ha ha there's my ride! See ya 'round, rag doll!

*The fish hopped on the motorcycle, and drove away. Aaron sighed. This was his 2nd loss ever since 2 days ago, the JaGrangea incident. He started to walk away.
Cut to a harbor.
*The same night, two men stood between a medium sized body of water-A harbor, of sorts. One was in a wheelchair, while the other... Well, you couldn't really see, besides his bright blue hair.

In the water, however, a battle was raging on! A big, identified sometimes as "fat", monster of sorts, with rock and steel, spiked armor. There was also a... Well, large snake... Sort of. It was a large, black and beige, legless lizard-resembling a snake. It also had black, devilish wings-you know the kind. Pitch and pure black, holes in them. Yeah. The two creatures would smash into each other, and sometimes a small battle would occur.

Above the water, however, two tops were slamming into eachother, the same movements as the creature below. Shortly after, the bulky top started freaking out! It seemed under water, the snake had the creature in its mouth. After seconds of struggling, the snake creature chomped down, and there was a small, harmless explosion. The bey returned to the fish in the wheel chair, and the fish with blue hair smiled evily, and slightly cackled.

"Fish" in Wheelchair: Hey, whats so funny? It was just a little snake.

Blue-Hair Fish: NOT a snake! A basilisk! A basilisk is a legendary creature, dampining the seas with evil aura and gaining power from destruction!-

Fish in Wheelchair: Yeah yeah, I don't need a mythology lesson.

Blue-haired: Whatever, tubby.

"Fish" in Wheelchair: DON'T CALL ME TUBBY!

*And with that, they both left the area, and the unknown fish in wheelch-Oh come on you all realise its Patrick by now, Right?-Leaves, but not to his house.*
The next day, at SpongeBob's house.

Aaron: Hey SpongeBob, look at this!

*Ever since the accident, SpongeBob felt guilty he left Aaron to face Kapplantais all by himself, so he was letting Aaron stay at his house. They were reading the news paper, until there was a knock on the door.*

SpongeBob: Hold on.

*SpongeBo walked over, and opened the door. It was Patrick*

SpongeBob: Is this gonna happen EVERY episode?

Patrick: Maybe *Makes a =P face*

SpongeBob: So, come in, wheely. hehe.

*After Patrick's battle with Virginia Dare, he was badly injured.*

Patrick: So, what're ya guys looking at?

SpongeBob: Aaron said he found something.

*SpongeBob and Patrick both went over to see. Aaron pointed at something.*

Aaron *reading*: "Hey, is BeyBlad-ing a hobby to y'all? Well, look no further for the GREATEST event of all time! THe BeyTeam Tournement! BeyBladers will gather in teams of 6, and fight team battles in a tournement. THe winner will get great prizes, and also a trip to Bikini Top! Registration starts a week after this newspaper is distrubted, and will only go on for a week. The tournement will then begin the next month. Have fun getting ready, folks!"

SpongeBob: Wooow! A tournement!

Patrick: OH YEAH!

Aaron: Hey, ya know, we only need three more members, if ya wanna be in a team together.

SpongeBob: I am SO in!

Patrick: Me, too!

Aaron: So, it's settled. We'll be in a team together!

SpongeBob: What do ya say we go down to the bey shop, to celebrate?

Aaron: Count me in

Patrick: Su- Wait, what time is it?

SpongeBob: *Checks clock* 4:41, why?

Patrick: Oh, damn, I have to go! For... For uh....Um...Doctor's Appointment!

*Patrick fastly wheeled out the door.*

Aaron: Uh...Kay then.

*After that, SpongeBob and Aaron went down to the bey shop. When they got there, they started looking around... Until someone walked up to them, and stopped them. He tapped on Aaron's shoulder.*

Aaron: What in Neptune's name do yo-... YOU!

*The fish had spiky red hair, and a small biker jacket*

Fish: Miss me?

Aaron: Fuck off.

*Another Fish walked up, wearing the same thing as the other fish, but had flattened blue hair.*

Blue-Hair: So, is this the fish you were talking about?

Red-Hair: Yes, yes it is. So, what are you guys doing here?

Aaron: What the hell else can you do in a parts shop?

Blue-Hair: Get your ass kicked if you don't shut up, actually.

Red-Hair: Be nice!

SpongeBob: Anyway, we're here to celebrate becoming a team for the tournement coming up.

Red-Hair: Wait, really?! I was looking for a team to enter with, and I was wondering...

Blue-Hair: Ha! Brother, remember, WE have our own team!

*The fish with Red-Hair pulls him aside.*

Red-hair: Seth, no we don't!

Seth:... Okay, you caught me. I wanted to be on their team, to show that I am the better twin! So take that, Rick!

Rick: Fine, then, lets settle this the RIGHT way!

*Rick and Seth both walk up to Sponge and Aaron*

Rick: We would like to battle eachother, to decide who can be on your team!

SPongeBob: Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Aaron?

Aaron: Ehh... Fine.

Seth: It's settled, Rick!

Rick: You're ass is going down, Seth!

*With that, they headed to JellyFish Fields, and entered the platform to go down to the coloseum. WHen they got there, SpongeBob and Aaron sat in the stands, while Seth and Rick took opposite sides.*

Rick: Rip!

Seth: Shoot!

Both: SPIN!

End of Part 1.

Sorry that it is a two parter! It was getting too long, =P


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 7/31/2010, 4:18 am

To be nice, this will count as 5 Part-2. I wasn't able to get it up that day, anyway.

Episode 5(Part 2): Same name =P

off from before, the two twins Rick and Seth just started their battle.
It started off the boring way, just slamming into each other... Until
special moves were used.*

Rick: Now to show you, Seth, why the phoenix is hard to kill!

Seth: You are mistaken, as your beast will be gone in a minute!

of a sudden, Rick's bey, Rubethys, started going faster then before! He
was going so fast, that a special ability started to act up. The rubys
in the bey started to glow, and Rubethys was going even faster... When,
he started to leave a trail of fire!*

Rick: How do you like me now!

Seth: I don't, actually.

*Rubethys tauntingly spun a ring of fire around Seth's bey. He kept going round and round.*

Rick: You're little bey is trapped!

Seth: My Saphilisk is stronger then Rubethys. Saphilisk has his ways!

Saphilisk spun fast, VERY fast in place... When drops were coming out
slightly. He ran right through the ring of fire, and it started a chain
of the ring, and it knocked Rubethys into the air-Hell, he stopped

Seth: Sorry Rick, but it seems that I win!

Rick: When the phoenix dies, it rises again.

*Rubethys' still top-form fell back down... When, it propped itself back up, and started spinning wildly! It would go from side to side to hit Saphilisk, and would run away when Saphilisk tried to hit him.

Up in the stands, SpongeBob and Aaron were watching the battle, intently.*

SpongeBob: Dang, their only battling to be on our mediocre team. Their taking it so seriously.

Aaron: Well... I think it's more then that.

SpongeBob: Oh?

Aaron: Their siblings-twins, to be exact. Their probably always fighting for attention. This team is probably their rise to fame, to show that they are as good as the other. Unfortunately, we're adding wood to the fire by making them fight for this spot.

SpongeBob: Ohhh. I see now!

*Back at the battle, Seth thought he was going to get destroyed... Until, a screen flipped up from his blaster.*

Seth: Fuck yes!

*He entered in the code, and there was a bright flash of light... And in front of them, right above Seth's top, was a giant snake monster, a Basilisk, to be correct... Unfortunately for him, while he was doing that, he did not realise that Rubethys' phoenix form was already out!*

Seth: Dammit!

Rick: It seems that we've used up most of our power, and we have to use... A bey punch.

*Back in the stands, SpongeBob was confused*

SpongeBob: Whats a bey punch?

Aaron: A bey punch is where your blaster deploys a strap. You put it on your hand, and you make a fist. Then, the rest of the energy your bey has left to use is built into the blaster, and you just air-punch, and your bey follows the action.

SpongeBob: Sounds stupid.

*At the battle, the blaster's had black straps come out. Rick and Seth strapped them on, and the basters glowed. They reered their fists back, and the beys went right at their foot. THey startted spinning, faster then eer. When they were at full power, the beast form of Saphilisk shedded it's skin, to a lighter blue, and Rubethys' armor broke off. Rick and Seth finally thrusted their fists, and the two bey's slammed into eachother! The beasts also started a battle. Minutes later, there was an explosion!*

Hours later, at SpongeBob's house

*Rick woke up, sore, and at SpongeBob's house.*

Rick: What...

SpongeBob: You and Seth ended up in a tie, and you both passed out.

Rick: But...Where IS Seth?

SpongeBob: I dunno, he just dissapeared.

*Aaron walks in the room*

Aaron: So, we saw that you seemed strongest. So... We picked you.

SpongeBob & Aaron: Welcome to team SpongeBlade!

The End!


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by tvguy347 on 12/22/2010, 12:02 am

Post more episodes! D:

~Person on the Xat

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Re: SpongBlade: GF

Post by ExKizuna on 1/1/2011, 2:42 am

Episode 6: Unlock the New Technique! CrossForm Revealed!

*Ever since Rick has joined the team, they have taken many trips to the Bey Lab, since Rick's father works there. They have checked out, and even tried out, some new creations. They were having a your to the new beys when...*

Seth: Oh look, its the candy bandits!

*Seth tauntingly approached our heroes. He scoffed at Patrick and Aaron*

Seth: Looks like you wussies can't handle real battles?

Aaron: I hope you know I am much more stronger then you!

Seth: Oh really? Not with this!

*Seth whipped out his blaster, which looked... Different. More high tech. And had a gold "C" on the side with a smaller golden "F" intertwind with it*

Aaron: a new blaster?

Seth: The best, to be correct. Its the new Cross Fusion model, and its only given to stronger bey-battlers. Its only a prototype, and im testing this copy out. This is one of the two only copies of this blaster! Too strong for the lieks of YOU.

Rick: Hey, maybe one of us will be able to get it!

Seth: Ha! You can "try".

*With that, Seth walked away.*

Rick: I can't believe that arrogent little bastard is my Twin. Anyway...

*he turned to the others, with a slight smile*

Rick: Lets see my father!

*SpongeBob and the gang headed to where Rick's father was stationed. When they got there, they saw a vibrant labratory, with scattered cubicles across the area. The gang walked around some more scientist-like areas, heading around test battle areas, and made it to the second cubicle, with a name tag reading 'Josh Stonus'.

Rick: Hey, dad.

Josh: Son! Glad to see you here! Your brother just stopped by, demanding the new model of a blaster. He said he wanted to test it out. Do you want it as well? Because-

Rick: Dad, it's fine. I just wanted to see how testing is going, thats all. And I wanted to introduce you to my friends- No... my team-mates. This ysponge here is SpongeBob

SpongeBob: it's nice to meet you there, Josh!

Rick: The pink star is Patrick...Well, Star. Patrick Star.

Patrick: Hiya!

Rick: And the 'normal' fish over there is Aaron. He's kind of a cool, loner type, so I don't know if he'll speak up-

Aaron: 'Sup, mr. Stone'. Nice job ya got here.

Rick:... And I stand corrected. Anyway dad, now that you mention it... We want to beat bro. Well, I want to beat him! If Seth gets the blaster, then I... No...

*Rick looks over at SpongeBob*

Rick: SpongeBob is our team leader. He is the most deserving of it. Dad, please, give him the blaster.

*Josh sighs*

Josh: Well, son. Son's friends. Come with me. if Rick thinks you are this strong, SpongeBob, you will try the blaster. Now, lets go to a pratice arena!

*And with that, the group head over to one of the arenas. It was a vibrant, metallic silver color, red higlights all around it. The testing will now be set in this great arena. Everybody looks over it, great expressions on their faces.*

Josh: Lets begin, shall we?

*Meanwhile, at one of the official BeyBlade arena's, a jet black bey is going up against 30 beys at once! It's flying super fast, blowing through piles, jumping up and smashing on top of beys, and finally, after the man with BIG spiky white hair using him presses the buttons, the spirit comes out, as a futuristic cannon-gatling like gun, being held into a rock with treads on the bottom of it. It rolls around, shooting at the beys, but the real beys movement is its moving so fast, it's like a bullet, messing up all their moves, and finally, knocks all the others out, and is the last remaining bey, winning the 1 vs 30 challenge. WOW!*


'Fiery': Noone can stand up against JetGun! I AM WIN! YOU ALL ARE FAIL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

*The psychotic Fiery rambled on as none other then Seth! came out. He looked Fiery.*

Seth: It's time to go.

Fiery: Where?

Seth: Bey lab. I know my brother went to go get the cross blaster. It's time to put a stop to this.

Fiery: RIGHT!

*They both walked out of the arena, staring at a sleek, almost futuristic boatmoblie.*

Seth: I'll drive.
*meanwhile, back at the arena...*

Spongebob: Pearl Savior, activate! Wingenqua POWER! CROSS FORM!

*Pearl Savior burst out of his beyblade, but before forming completes, Wingenqua appeared! It flew into Pearl Savior, and there was a flash! Then, a light blue Pearl Savior, with Wingenqua's six wings! His right foot also changed into a talon! He attacked the training drones, and they all exploded. The upgrade Pearl Savior looked over, then returned to his glowing, vibrant pink-ish and gold, metallic spinning top.

Aaron: Now, doc, how does this work? WIngenqua is not even out, yet, he has him fused with Pearl Savior.

Josh: Ahhhhh, that you see, is the best ability of Cross-Form. It scans a bey, and then, it can "cross-fuse", if you will, with the real bey. The one you scanned can now turn into a hologram to work and fuse with Pearl Savior. You see- WAHHH!

The bey lab started shaking! The lights went out! Glass smashed! After everybody hit the floor, pissed and having all this confusion, the light went on to see... An black, armored warrior. Looking like a mechanical samurai with devil horns and a face masked, he looked down, standing on top of a tall machine used to do some... experiments on beyblades.


*Kakumeika jumped to the ground, and whipped out a sword.*

Rick: Woah there! I mean, I understand, you're addicted to meth, but no need for some blades buddy!

Kakumeika: Oh, you think im going to slash you? HA! There's an arena right infront of us. Why don't we battle?

Aaron:... You're dressed in armor. You have a sword. You're psycho. AND YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY WITH METAL SPINNING TOPS! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!?

Kakumeika: ...Maybe...

Aaron: Whatever. Lets play.

Kakumeika: oh, no no noooooo! I want HIMM!

*Kakumeika points to SpongeBob, who Kakumeika sees holding the CrossForm blaster.*

Kakumeika: Lets see how you do with that!

SpongeBob: Whatever! Lets go!

Josh: But... Spongebob...

*He goes to touch SpongeBob, but SpongeBob turns to him.*

SpongeBob: It's fine. If CrossForm goes wrong, i'll use my normal, awesome strategy!

Aaron: Ha, way to get your hopes up, Spongey! I have faith in you... Until he starts to win. Then you're fucked. PLACE YOUR BETS HERE!


Aaron: YES I AM!



*Rick pushes Aaron*

Rick: dude, this is Spongeys fight, not yours. Calm down.

Aaron: Whatever.

*Aaron and Rick walked back a bit, standing in the back where Patrick was sitting. Kakumeika jumped to the other side of the arena and, along with spongebob, got their blasters out... But, Kakumeika was using a blaster like the CrossForm blaster! Except, it was gold, with a symbol that was a red and blue swirling, almost hypnotic design on the hand. He then attaches the blaster to his sword, which the hilt can also be used to spin.

SpongeBob: Is that a CrossForm blaster!?

Kakumeika: Oh, heavens no. This, is a Join-Uke blaster! It has the ability to... Well, you'll see. Now... RIP!

*He pulled a string handle on his Join-Uke blaster. So did Spongebob, but on his CrossForm blaster.*

Spongebob: Spin!

*They pull their blasters *Kakumeika pulls back his sword* and the beys on them start spinning*

Both: SHOOT!

*They Beys fly out, ready to battle.*


Welp, there is my New Years gift to you all! Hope you enjoy, and reviews will DEFINITELY be appreciated!


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Re: SpongBlade: GF

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