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Aviators' Alcazar

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Aviators' Alcazar

Post by Steel Sponge on 8/23/2011, 10:32 pm

Why not? (The plot and stuff will change overtime)

Aviators' Alcazar (Working title):

PLOT: Demetrius lives a carefree life with his father (I haven't though of his name yet), who was skilled with mechanics. But that was until the owner of his rival company and rival in general, Amadeus thieves one of his creations: a suit of armor with part Griffon designs. At the father's lab, Amadeus uses it to kill him. But he wasn't the only person Amadeus was going for. Demetrius still has his mother, Amadeus then plans on killing him. Before that, Demetrius and his friends visit a museum. Amadeus trys doing research at that museum and learns an ancient fable about two Griffons, one that was good, and one that could raise darkness, both were sealed in ocarinas (White and black) and kept inside a castle in the skies. Amadeus tries hard to find it and disturbs the presence. He steals the one that seals the evil one, little does he know that the guardian of the castle has noticed. The ocarnia smashes along the way back out, and releases the evil Griffon spirit, making darkness in the clouds spread. Before that happened, Demetrius visits his father's grave and sees somebody with an ocarina. (the guardian of the castle) The guardian, who surprisingly knows about Demetrius, trusts him with the other ocarnia. The good Griffon spirit was released and becomes a guardian of Demetrius. While darkness was still going on, Demetrius and friends must find a way to stop the evil Griffon spirit, and Amadeus as well.


Demetrius: 16 years old and considered the cool one. Has close bond with his father who unfortunately falls. Main protagonist.

Jeff: 16 years old. A friend of Demetrius and considered zany, also lazy at times. Hopefully the comic relief.

Shanon: 16 years old. A friend of Demetrius, appears as the adventerous one.

Maya: 16 years old. Another friend of Demetrius. She appears calm and smart.

Tyler: 11 years old. An orphan who feels about Demetrius' loss. He didn't know him until his live was unexpectly saved by him while on the street.

Amadeus: Coming soon. (And some more as well)

I'm not writing the script for the planned pilot...yet. Now, if you want to give suggestions on how to improve this or want to express your opinion, do that.

Current Spin-Offs: Pisces Moon, Z-Storm, UWS: SBC Style, S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B
Ended: Adventures of No Name
Hiatus: Guru Gakuto

[Yeah, don't ask me about my signature, I'm working on it]
Steel Sponge
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Fry Cooks

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Re: Aviators' Alcazar

Post by OMJ on 8/23/2011, 11:13 pm

The father's name should be Darius.
Good Noodles
Good Noodles

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Re: Aviators' Alcazar

Post by JCM on 8/24/2011, 9:07 pm

Sounds cool. I'm here if you ever need any writers.

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Re: Aviators' Alcazar

Post by Sponsored content

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