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(WWE) Monday Night Raw

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(WWE) Monday Night Raw Empty (WWE) Monday Night Raw

Post by WWESpongefan on 6/7/2011, 9:40 pm

I'm a big wrestling fan. Whether you like it or hate it lets discuss it. Some people think its fake, while others believe that its scripted. Who cares? I love it either way. I've actually went to see a live event. It was during the 2011 WWE draft where Raw and Smackdown superstars would be drafted either to Raw or Smackdown. I just wanted to share a little bit on what it is about for those of you that have never seen it before. Here is a link to a clip of last night's Monday Night Raw. With WWE superstars John Cena, Alex Riley, The Miz, and R Truth. With Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee. Check it out. Cool


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(WWE) Monday Night Raw Empty Re: (WWE) Monday Night Raw

Post by Clappy on 6/7/2011, 10:11 pm

While WWE is awesome, we already have a topic about wrestling. Feel free to post over there too Wink

I am locking this, but not trashing it so you can see this and feel free to comment in the Wrestling thread over in the Sports/Hobbies forum Smile.

(WWE) Monday Night Raw R1mkya

(WWE) Monday Night Raw Fw2rs
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