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All the Rules in One Place

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All the Rules in One Place Empty All the Rules in One Place

Post by Face on 4/4/2011, 6:15 pm

If anyone is like me, I like a nice, clean topic with all the rules in one place. The idea occurred to me as I was trying to find a specific rule and couldn't find it. These are all copy+paste from the other topics. Hope this comes handy. Smile

Color Key

Green is expected of you, a loose rule, or what you should do.
Orange gives you a warning. If you break it again 2 more times, you will be suspended for 2 days.
Red is serious and could mean ban from a specific forum or even SBC itself.
Black means permanent ban.

Entire Forum

The Main Rules

  • Cussing is allowed, but words like gay, cocksucker, faggot, retard, nigger (no offense intended) will not be tolerated. No swearing in SpongeBob forums.
  • No spamming.
  • No only quoting someone's post or making one or two word posts, unless it is for a game.
  • No begging for a higher rank.
  • No double-posting. See Edit Button and Multi-Quote for exceptions.
  • No insulting, bullying, fighting with or harassing staff or other members. There is a Thread[/color] for that.
  • Be mature.
  • Only 2 pictures are allowed in a signature, unless they are small images like avatars.
  • No insulting new members.
  • No duplicate accounts.

Specific Forum Rules

Chatbox Rules

  • Swearing is permitted, but nothing extreme. If so, you may be suspended from the chatbox, although it depends on the situation.
  • Asking to become a moderator on the chatbox will result in immediate removal from the chatbox-so don't ask.
  • Unreasonable banning by a Mod, Admin or GFX will result in loss of moderation.
  • The Mods, Admins, and GFX's are in charge in the chatbox. They will stop fights, kick members, or even ban members if needed.
  • Chat and have fun.

Party Rules

  • Parties must be relevant and not random.
  • No advertising for parties. Advertising in other forums (besides Advertising) is prohibited.
  • If your party is for something inappropriate or something like that, it will be taken down immediately. Random parties will also be locked and trashed.
  • If you are not sure about hosting a party and it's content, consult a staff member to see if it can be made.

Spin-Off Rules

  • If you're going to mention something like sex in your spin-off, then just mention it. Say the character had sex. But, do NOT make some detailed pornographic scene.
  • If you crossover with another one, don't be like "ZOMG! LET'S KILL ALL THE CHARECTARS HERE!!!!11!!!" then kill off every single character in the show you just crossed over with. This rule doesn't apply if it's not cannon.
  • Spin-offs should be related to SpongeBob in some way. Don't post a spin-off about some actress in New York City being chased by a murderer. You may do an actress in New Kelp City. See what I mean? If it has nothing to do with SpongeBob at all, move it to the Literature board.
  • When reviewing someone else's spin-off, don't completely insult them and say, "Your show sucks ass and needs to die." *says "How rude" in Stephanie Tanner voice*
  • No begging for Reviews. They will come.
  • No bashing of others' spin-offs in their own thread. Post constructive criticism.
  • No blatant rip-offs/rehashes of other spin-offs.
  • Do not constantly refresh your spin off page just to get views. We have no real way of knowing when you do, but it'll be obvious if there are enormous jumps. But we are on the lookout.

Game Rules (Games, Spin-Off Games and SpongeBob Games)

  • Have fun.
  • Do no games that insult SpongeBob or other people's spin-offs in any way.
  • Don't put a game like "Best Singer Ever" in the Television board, just because on TV there's a channel like MTV or VH1. Hardly relevant.
  • No Cheating. This rule also goes to the hosts of a game as well.
  • You must include a reason for your letter grade in "Rate the Avatar and Signature Above You" or it can be classified as spam.

...and that's it. Behave Silly Face!

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