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What's New? Currently.... SBC has hit over 500 members! This is great news for us, and hopefully we'll be getting to 600 members soon. Also, a brand new contest is going on. The first 5 users to find a golden ticket hidden somewhere on the forum, will get early access to v7! Congratulations to SOF who was the first person to find the ticket. Remember - use your heads! There are only 3 spots left. See the "Lost Temple" announcement on the homepage for more. Speaking of contests, don't forget to participate in our other contest to put a funny, original caption on an image. The winner will receive 1000 doubloons. In the future... SBC will be moving to vBulletin on August 26th, 2011. This will also be the launch of v7. We had a good time on forumotion, but it is time for us to move. Stay tuned for more!
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UPDATED 1.) that70sguy92 (Net Worth: 40817) 2.) Clappy (Net Worth: 25979) 3.) Wumbology (Net Worth: 23558) 4.) jjsthekid (Net Worth: 19850) 5.) Jelly (Net Worth: 19621) 6). tvguy347 (Net Worth: 19142) 7.) Steel Sponge (Net Worth: 14322) 8.) Metal Snake (Net Worth: 13624) 9.) SOF (Net Worth: 12247) 10.) teenj12 (Net Worth: 11163)
SpongeBob News
A brand new DVD named "SpongeBob's Runaway Roadtrip" will be released September 20th, 2011!
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